Click below for more information on each candidate’s volunteer operation. In the meantime, it’s go time! Check out these updated (as of 10/30) virtual opportunities to help move this election forward!

Can you spare a few hours from the comfort of home? How about a virtual phone bank to help get voters to the polls?

Angie Craig (MN-2)

Sharice Davids (KS-3)

Katie Hill (CA-25)

Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) or

Amy McGrath (KY-06)

Feel like travelling? Check out these links for in-person opportunities.

Angie Craig (MN-2)

Sharice Davids (KS-3)

MJ Hegar (TX-31)

Katie Hill (CA-25)

Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23)

Amy McGrath (KY-6)

Xochitl Torres Small (NM-2)

Lauren Underwood (IL-14)

To take back the House and elect progressive women, we can't just rely on donations to save the day. We also need people power to deliver our message to voters and encourage our people to turnout to vote. Here are several easy ways for you to volunteer with some great organizations we are fans of. Knocking on doors is the most effective way to help. But making calls or sending texts is helpful too!  Writing postcards to encourage voters to get to the polls is easy, effective, and fast. Visit the website to find out more. You could be writing postcards by tomorrow!  No matter where you live, they can tell you your closest swing Congressional district. They can also help you set up a phone bank or text bank in your home.  Sign up to volunteer on the final weekend before the election.

You can also sign up to volunteer directly with one of these campaigns:

Volunteer for Angie Craig

Volunteer for sharice davids

volunteer for MJ Hegar

Volunteer for Katie hill

Volunteer for Gina ortiz jones

Volunteer for Amy mcgrath

Volunteer for Xochitl Torres Small

Volunteer for Lauren Underwood