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In 2018 we mobilized to raise money and knock on doors for Democratic women running for Congress. With your help, we raised $150,000, helped elect five progressive women to previously Republican districts across the country, and turned the House blue in an historic election. We hope to do the same in 2020, this time with the Senate. Stay tuned for our strategy in 2020.

Virginia 2019:

Money Where it Matters Most


Virginia 2019

Before we turn our sights on the Senate in 2020, a small but mighty election is ahead of us in Virginia. On November 5th, all seats in the House of Delegates and State Senate of Virginia are up for election. A victory in Virginia now will give Democrats the momentum they need heading into 2020. And, control of the state legislature means control of redrawing congressional districts that will be in place for the next decade.

Even a $10 or $25 donation can make a big difference in this election. We have chosen four inspiring women leaders running in both houses. Please consider donating to this effort.

Candidates for Virginia

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